ATB Blogger Template Free Download

ATB blogger template is most responsive and SEO optimized theme developed by Imran Uddin of AllTechBuzz. He used this template when he was on blogger platform.

When he was moving on self-hosted WordPress blog, many people requested him to give his blogger template. Then he released this template publicly.

This is a free blogger template and you have the right to edit anything in this template. This is a very responsive and highly SEO optimized blogger template.

I recommend newbies to use this template because it will increase your revenue as well as your ranking in SERPs.

There are thousands of blogger template but due to its clean and attractive design, many newbies choose this template. No more introduction, let's explore its features.

Features Of ATB Blogger Template


A responsive blogger template can increase your revenue by 40%. So, this template will boost your revenue by 40%

You can use responsive ads and it will also show these ads in the mobile version. Default mobile version template doesn't show ads.

CPC in this template from mobile devices is much higher than a normal blogger template.

Seo Optimized

Default blogger templates are not SEO optimized. This template is highly SEO optimized and will boost your ranking in SERPs.

Conditionally Loading Social Share Buttons

Social share buttons take more time to load than any other things because they are hosted on any other platform. Social share buttons integrated into this template will be shown if anybody opens your website on screen whose resolution is 480px or higher. So, if anybody will visit your blog from mobile then the template will load faster without any clutter.

4 Column Stylish Footer

One of the best features of this template is that it has 4 column stylish footer. You can easily add and remove widgets in the footer in a single click.

Sticky Post Feature

This is another feature I love most in this template. You can add a sticky post in your blog. This will appear right below your first post. You can add something important message or notification to get more attention by the visitor.

Auto Alt Tag Generator Integrated

Generally, you have to add alt and title tags in your blog posts manually but in this template, there is a script which adds alt and title tags automatically which saves your time. All you have to do is rename your image properly because this script adds image name as alt and title tag.

Responsive Related Post Widget

Related post widget is necessary for every blog. There is a related post Widget with thumbnail added in this template. It is fast and responsive related post widget.

Many More Features

There are many more features in this template like the about us widget, back to top button, about our blog widget etc. which makes it most responsive and SEO optimized blogger template.

There is no doubt that is a highly SEO optimized and responsive blogger template. So, let's explore it's demo and download link.

Live Demo          Download

Over To You

I hope you liked the template. If you liked the template then share this template with your friends. Also, share your feedback about this template. And don't forget to share it. Happy Blogging:-)

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