How To Add Hreflang Tags In Blogger

Wanna reach to your visitors in a particular language or region you are targeting for?

But don't know how to do it.

So, today I will show you to add hreflang tags in blogger. Let's learn what is hreflang and how can we implement it in our blog.

Hreflang or language tag is a tag for websites which tell search engines like Google, Bing etc. about the language of a website. It also tells the search engines about the region you are targeting for.


Google webmaster tools suggest you add Hreflang in your website. It tells the search engine about the language and region of your blog so that the people searching in that particular language or region can easily find you.

For example, if your blog language is English, then the use of hreflang will allow your site to be ranked for the people who are searching for a particular topic in that language or who live in that country. It allows our site to reach the geo-targeted audience in our territory or region.

Now you have understood what is hreflang. Let's learn how can we add it to our blog.

How To Add Hreflang Tags In Blogger Blog

Hreflang tag can be placed between <head> and </head> tag in any website. Similarly, paste the hreflang tag between <head> and </head> tag in your blogger blog by going to Dashboard and template then Edit HTML. An example of hreflang for the website using English as their blog language.

<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en" />

Replace with your blog URL and en with your language tag. Get all Language Tags by going to the link given below.

All Language Tags

Similarly, if your blog is targeting a specific region (ex-United states), then you can use the hreflang tag given below to specify your region.

<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en-us" />

In the above tag, "us" after the dash represents the United States. You can change it to your own region code. Get all the region codes from the link given below.

All-Region Codes

And if your site is multilingual then you can use the hreflang tag given below.

<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="x-us" />


So, this was a guide to adding hreflang tags in blogger. I hope this will increase your ranking in the language or region you are targeting for. And I hope you liked the post. If you face any problem or you have a question to ask just comment below using the comment box. I will surely help you.

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