How To Keep Blank Or Empty Name On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in India. Anybody who buys a new smartphone uses WhatsApp because it gives us feature to chat with our friends and family easily. And there are many tricks for WhatsApp which you can use.

So, Today I have come with a cool trick to keep/use blank or empty name on WhatsApp. And by using this trick you can hide your name from WhatsApp.

And If you want to hide your name in WhatsApp group then this trick will be helpful for you. Also, some people use this trick to look like a hacker. OK, no more introduction. Let's move towards our trick.


How To Keep Blank Name On WhatsApp

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Keep blank/empty name on Whatsapp

Step 1: Copy the symbols given below:

Symbols:-⇨ ຸ

Step 2: Now go to WhatsApp >> Settings.

Step 3: Then click on your profile icon and click on pencil icon to edit your name.

Step 4: Remove old name, and paste the symbols which you have copied earlier.


Step 5: Now the remove the arrow ( ⇨) symbol and click OK.


Step 6: Hurrah! You have successfully done it.


So, by following this trick you can easily hide your name in WhatsApp group. And anybody will not be able to see your name anywhere. Isn't it a nice trick?

Over To You

So, this was a guide to use blank name on WhatsApp. And I hope you liked the post. If you find the post helpful, then share it and if there is any problem comment down.

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