How To Keep Empty Or Blank WhatsApp Status

In WhatsApp, many people keep status like Available, Online, Can't Talk WhatsApp Only etc. But have you ever seen anybody's WhatsApp status Blank?

Of course not.

And if you wanna keep your WhatsApp status empty or Blank just follow this. Officially, WhatsApp doesn't allow its user to keep blank status on WhatsaApp. But now we have a solution for it.


If you will keep your WhatsApp status empty it will look unique. There are many tricks like this but they are not working. But today which trick I am going to tell you is 100% working. OK, No more introduction. Let's explore the trick.

How To Keep Empty Or Blank Status On WhatsApp

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Keep blank/empty Whatsapp status

Step 1: Copy the symbols given below.

Symbols:- ⇨ ຸ

Step 2: Just go to WhatsApp >> Setting and click on status.

Step 3: After that click on the pencil icon to edit it.

Step 4: Then just paste the symbols which you have copied earlier.


Step 5: Now remove the first allow symbol (⇨) and click OK.


Step 6: Now you have successfully done it.


Wrapping Up

So, this was a guide to keeping WhatsApp status blank. I hope you liked the post. And if there is a problem don't forget to comment and share it.

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