Ad-Maven Review: Scam Or Legit, CPM, Rates, Earnings, Payment Proof

Is Ad-Maven a scam?

What about the CPM rates?

In this Ad-Maven review, we are going to check out each and every aspect of this network.

We have already seen many reviews like  Popads, MGID etc. All those are high-quality ad networks which performed so good and gave good results for everyone.

Generally, We never write the reviews of any scam ad networks, If a network turned scam by stopping paying for their publishers, We will remove it from our blog or We stop recommending it.

So there is no chance of being scammed by the networks which are reviewed by us.

What is Ad-Maven?


Ad-Maven is a popular ad network which has 35 years of experience in the industry. I don't know When this ad network was founded. But, I can tell you that It is one of the largest Pop ad networks in the industry. Ad-Maven serves 5 Billion monthly impressions. 5 Billion impressions is not a small thing.

So you will have to understand, How large it is. In one statement, We can tell you that Ad-Maven is one of the best alternatives for Google Adsense.

Scam or Legit

I've already told you that Ad-Maven serves 5 Billion impressions a month. At the same time, They hold a huge experience of 25 years, which is almost impossible for scam networks. So, it isn't a scam.

Ad-Maven is completely a legit ad network and you can sign up with them without any worries. Even though there are some reviews which are opposed to my statement, I would consider Ad-Maven a completely genuine network.

But, I'm not responsible, If you scammed by them after reading this interview. Is Ad-Maven a scam, No, Not at all.

Sign up and Approval

To signup with this network, you can go their Publisher signup page and give them all the required details. Then, Ad-Maven will send you a mail regarding verification. Click on the link which is in the mail and you are all set.

Ad-Maven offers instant approvals like Revenue Hits which makes it look like a scam. But instant approval doesn't mean a scam. So again, you can trust them.

There are no traffic requirements for the approval. So, New bloggers and small publishers can use this network for making some money from their blogs. The approval section is the very good part of this Ad-Maven review.

Ad Formats

Ad-Maven have enough formats ( Not high or Not so low ) for their publishers. All type of blogs and websites can be monetized with Ad-Maven. Here are the formats of Ad-Maven :

Pops: Pops refers to both Popups and Popunders. But, you cannot choose only Popunders while creating an ad code. Don't worry, after creating an ad code, you can go to Configure settings and edit the Ad format as you like ( Popunders or Pop-ups or Both ).

Pops are really high paying formats of Ad-Maven. We all know that Pop's are annoying for visitors, But the pop's of Ad-Maven are really attractive. You can also choose the Cap of Pop's per page, to keep your visitors cool and calm.

Interstitial: A full-page ad which can easily monetize both Mobile and desktop traffic and provides you good rates. The full-page ad contains a close button which provides the visitor an option to close the ad. But sometimes, they may irritate visitors. Your visitors close your blog post without reading it and surf another blog post.

Banners: The common ad format type available in all ad networks. The banners pay lesser rates when compared to the Pops.

CPM Rates

We all know that Pop ad networks like Popads and propeller ads pay higher rates. Like that, Ad-Maven pays higher rates for all publishers. After adding Ad tags, you should wait at least 2 days for optimization. After that, related ads will start appearing on your blog resulting in higher Ecpm rates.

The pop's pay higher and the banner's pay lower. Low doesn't mean really low. Lower refers to the comparison. Banners pay less when compared to Pops.

The rates might start from as low as $0.1 - $4 easily. I think this is the part which makes you more happy in this Ad-Maven review.


Really, I haven't tried to contact them yet. I haven't got any problem to contact their support. So I cannot explain you about their support.


Ad-maven has the minimum payment threshold of $50. They pay via many ways like Paypal, Payoneer, and Bank wire.

Ad-Maven uses Net30 payment terms which means you will get paid at the end of every month.

Ad-Maven has automatic payment releasing system which means The payment is automatically given to all the publishers at the end of the month.

Payment Proof

Click below and see the payment proof.

Payment Proof

Ad-Maven Special

Ad-Maven ads can bypass all the ad blocking extensions and software.

Because of Ad blockers, Bloggers lose so much revenue. But, If you use Anti-Ad block code, It will automatically bypass all the ad blockers and help you in generating some more revenue.


  • Easy and fast approval

  • Legit network

  • Block many ad blockers

  • High CPM rates


  • High minimum payout of $50


This is the Ad-Maven review from our side. I recommend you to start using it If you are a new blogger who wants to monetize your traffic. Ad-Maven is also a good Adsense alternative for small publishers. So it is a must try ad network. And don't forget to share it.

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