Does Google PageRank Still Matters?

Every blogger must hear of page rank, as it is also a factor of giant search engine "Google". Google is the trending one on the internet. Every internet user uses google.

So it has the traffic rank of 1 in the world. Ok, leave this hell topic on google. We talking about Google, Because Google is the inventor of page rank.

They used it as an important ranking factor. But google stopped updating page rank.

So, we all have a question in mind. Does page rank still matters?. In this post, we will tell the answer to this question and also teach you more about page rank.

What Is Google PageRank?

Page rank is a rank which is given by Google for every blog. Page rank is created and updated by Google. Page rank has 1-10 positions. The 1 is lower one and the 10 is very high.


I think no blog can get PR 10. Because there is some difference between blog and website. So how page rank is given? .The answer to this question is backlinks ( inbound links ).

After the google penguin update, building high-quality backlinks is more difficult than Getting Adsense approval. But we can only get page rank by getting High-quality backlinks.

When Google Updated PageRank Recently?

The last page rank update happened on 5 December 2013. But Google doesn't do it. It happened because of some software problem.

So the google spam head Matt Cutts said that they won't update page rank in future days. Because it is a very big problem occurred with the page rank. And Google also officially stopped updating their page rank toolbar.

So new blog's like our blog, cannot get page rank. But I forgot about page rank. So now I am going to answer the question " is page rank still matters in 2017 ".

Does PageRank Still Matters?

The answer is no. Page rank won't matter in 2017. Google is not giving the priority to page rank. They are not using page rank as their algorithm.


If Google really using page rank as an important algorithm, our blog cannot rank in google. Because we have a page rank of N/A. So the proof for the question is our blog SERP ranking

1st Position In Google:


Are Backlinks Necessary For SEO?

The answer is yes. Google loves backlinks forever and ever. Backlinks are an important thing in blogging. Backlinks are the one which decides the SERP ranking of a blog.

Do you know, If a blog has some good amount of backlinks, it can get 1st position in google for any keyword?

If your blog has the high amount of high-quality backlinks, you can rank for any keyword ( Even with a blogspot blog with free domain ). So backlinks will give you a good SERP ranking which will give you tons and tons of traffic to your blog.


The answer to the question is clear. Does page rank still matters? No, it is not. Maybe it matters in next year.

But, Personally, I love page rank. Because it will make you work harder and make the blogging hobby as passion. Because building backlinks are the very tough task.

So we will concentrate on our blog more. Anyway, this thing is very good for small bloggers who don't love page rank. So do you love page rank or not ?. If yes why. If no why?

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