How To Optimize Permalinks In Blogger And Get More Traffic

Wanna optimize permalinks in blogger?
But don't know how to do it.
So, today we will discuss on it.


Permalinks play a key role in ranking of a blog. They are not so important to keyword research but it has some own work to do. Because bad permalinks can easily change the position of your blog in search engines.

Every Permalink here at Shouters Planet are optimized. It is not so difficult like keyword research. All you need is some Seo knowledge.

In WordPress, Plugins help bloggers to get rid of bad permalinks and it has customized permalink structure. But in Blogger, You don't have the option to edit permalink structure, But you can edit permalinks.

How To Optimize Permalinks In Blogspot

1. Go to

2. Write a new post, Write like every day you write.

3. On the right side of the post, you can see permalinks tab.

4. Click on it And select Custom Permalink.


5. Remove stop words like to, How etc. Here is a great list of stop words, remove all of them.

How To Optimize Permalink Of Already Published Article

1. For published articles, you cannot edit permalinks. Because the link which you will change can become a broken link.

2. To edit those, select the post and click on revert to draft.


3. Click on permalinks and click on the custom permalink. Edit the permalink and publish it again.

4. And don't forget to redirect the old URL to new one.

Extra optimization of permalinks

While writing a custom permalink, you must not use spaces between the words in URL. Instead, use happens (-) between two words and it gives extra optimization.

Why optimizing Permalinks

1. Optimization of Permalinks is a must do task in On-page Seo and it helps you in ranking higher.

2. Permalink optimization helps you in good navigation and it gives the visitor a good impression. Yes, There are some people, who even read the permalinks like me.


With this simple tutorial, you can easily optimize permalinks in blogger/blogspot blog and it helps you in getting more traffic and more earnings. For some more tips and tricks, Subscribe to our blog and get latest updates.

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