7 Important On-Page SEO Tips For Blogspot Blogs

Blogspot is a free blog publishing tool created by Google. It is a free blogging platform which is very good for beginners.

All the features of the blogger are very good but one of the main disadvantages of blogspot is lack of SEO. Blogspot is less SEO friendly when compared to WordPress. There are many on-page SEO optimization tips. But all of them are not recommended.

The techniques used by spammers are called black hat SEO and Real blogger techniques are white hat SEO.

Over optimization of white hat SEO techniques may turn into black hat SEO and may penalize your blog from search engines. So here are some recommended On-page Seo optimization tips for Blogspot blogs.

Keyword Research

On-Page seo tips for Blogspot blogs

Off-page Seo is all about backlinks, social promotion, directory listing etc.

And on-page Seo is about keywords.
Do you know, Seo begins with keywords. Bloggers must do some keyword research before writing a post.

The selection of keyword must be unique. Because the world is full of competition, there are many bloggers who target the same keyword which you target. If they are stronger than you, you must give up.

At the same time, selecting keywords is difficult, so I recommend a tool like SemRush. So, keyword research is the important step in the on-page Seo optimization tutorial for Blogspot blogs.

Blog Post Title

Post titles play an important role in the optimization of a blog post. By default, blogspot post titles are not optimized for search engines. So we must optimize titles for search engines. Now there is a bit of coding here.

In template find


Replace the above code with the below one

 <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>

By using this method, you can optimize post titles for search engines. So optimizing post titles is a very important Blogspot seo tips.

At the same time, the title must be unique. Because people only click unique titles in search engines. So while writing a title, be creative.

Permalink Structure

On-Page seo tips for Blogspot blogs

Permalinks are the silent killers. Some bloggers won't aware of permalinks.

We think this is not necessary, but there are necessary. Permalinks can change the positions of blog posts in search engines.

The example of a bad permalink:


In the above one, you can see stop words like for, to etc. These words will affect the SEO of your blog.

So, optimization of permalink is very good SEO practice which you must use on your blog

Keyword Density

Keyword density is the risky thing in on- page SEO optimization. Because even white hat SEO turns into black hat SEO in keyword density.

Bloggers must be aware of keyword density. In One post, I have tried to increase keyword density by 3.5%, then my blog post not getting indexed, then I submitted the URL again. It is indexed, but not ranked. The blog post is on the page of 36 in google. Then I have understood that keyword density is a very important task.

It is the main part of blogspot SEO optimization. We maintain a keyword density of 1.5 to 2 % in this blog.


Interlinking is the main aspect of the on-page SEO tips for Blogspot/blogger blogs.

We must interlink our blog posts. But unnecessary interlinking is a spammy technique.

Googlebot will crawl your site better when you interlink posts. This will improve the SEO of blogspot posts. So this is the main on-page SEO tips for blogger/Blogspot blogs.

But why interlink?

Interlinking helps the bloggers to get properly indexed and to rank higher.

Have you ever think about Wikipedia. All blogs must give up when Wikipedia is their opponent. Because their interlinking strategy is very good. They will be in the top of Google because of interlinking. For better understanding, Go to Wikipedia.

Meta description

On-Page seo tips for Blogspot blogs

The meta description is a very important thing which increases the rankings of your site. It will increase the CTR ( click through rate ).

Some bloggers will fill the meta description with keywords, but it is not a good SEO practice. Over keyword stuffing is a black hat SEO technique. So do not over optimize meta descriptions.

This is a very important thing in making your post SEO and user-friendly.

Alt tags

Googlebots are blind when it comes to images. They cannot read your images. So we must use an alt tag optimize images.

An alt tag is an HTML tag placed in the image. To add an alt tag in blogspot, Go to the post and select an image. Then go to properties, And add an alt tag.

Always rename the images like

Blogspot SEO tricks.jpeg is optimized when compared to Img-00517.jpeg.Image optimization is a very nice task in blogspot on page SEO tips.

A Simple Guide To On Page SEO Tips For Blogspot Blogs

1. Place the keyword in post title.

2. Place the keyword in meta description.

3. Place the keyword in Permalink.

4. Place the keyword in the h2 tag.

5. Place the keyword in first 100 words of the post.

6. Place the keyword in the alt tag.

7. Maintain a good keyword density like 2%.

8. Remove stop words from permalink.

9. Interlink to old blog posts.

10. Write Good Meta Description.

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