Blogspot SEO Tips And Tutorial: Make Blogger SEO Friendly

Want some Blogspot Seo tips to make your blog search engine friendly?

Wanna get some more traffic from search engines to your blogspot blog?

Blogger is really one of the best blogging platforms available in the industry. Even though there are many free website builders like Weebly and Wix, Blogger is the most popular among them.

Wordpress is the best platform of all, But it doesn't come out for free. That's why We recommend beginners to use Blogger as their CMS ( content management system ).

By default, No platform is Seo optimized. Even though many say Wordpress is SEO optimized by default, you should use a Seo plugin to make it really optimized for search engines.

Yoast and All in one SEO are the popular Seo plugins for Wordpress.

But Blogger blogs don't have the capability to have plugins. That's why it is really difficult to make Blogger Seo friendly. But don't worry, We are here with the working Seo tips for Blogspot blogs.

Blogspot SEO Tips To Make Blogger Blog SEO Friendly

1. Format Blog post titles

By default, The blog post titles of Blogger blogs should look like :

Blog Name | Post%title

For example, If you wrote a blog post about Blogspot SEO tips, and your blog name is My blog. The title should look like this in search engines :

My blog - Blogger Seo tips

Actually, The blog title is consuming so much space on the SERP's page.

We all know that We should keep our blog post titles below than 65 characters. But in the first case, The blog title is already consuming 10 characters and If you are targeting a long tail keyword, It is almost impossible to show up the full long tail keyword in search engines.

To resolve this issue, We should use format post title code.

1. Go to Template > Edit HTML

2. Search for the below code :


3. Replace the above code with the below code.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType==&quot;index&quot;'>

After replacing the code, your blog post titles should look like :

Your Blog post title - Your Blog Name

2. Meta tags

Credit: Flickr - Under Creative Common License

You can add a description to your blog homepage and blog posts to make Blogger SEO friendly.

To add a meta description to your blog homepage :

1. Go to settings > search preferences.

2. Click on edit on the description.

3. Click on On, This will add a feature to add descriptions to your blog.

4. In a few words, Describe what your blog is about. Here, Few words refer to less than 120 characters.

To add meta descriptions to Blog posts:

1. Go to Posts and select a blog post to edit :

2. On the right sidebar of your blog post editing section, Click on Search Description

3. Write a description of your blog post and never forget to add your focus keyword in the meta description to make it more powerful for search engines.

3. Robots.txt


One of the main and most important Blogspot SEO tips because every blog needs a Robots.txt file to avoid indexing of a blog from bad search bots.

A robots.txt file is a file which contains information regarding allowing or block a specific search engine to index our blog.

Don't worry, you don't need to touch a single piece of code to add a robots.txt file to your blog. Here is a tutorial to add a robots.txt file to your blog :

1. Go to settings > Search preferences.

2. Click on edit on the robots.txt file which is located at the bottom the page.

3. Click on On.

4. Go to robots.txt generator to generate a robots file for your blog. Copy the text generated from the robots.txt generator.

5. Paste it in the robots.txt section of your blog

4. Permalink optimization

We all know that optimization of permalinks is also the main part of On-page SEO. Bloggers should take care of permalinks to rank higher on Google.

To optimize permalinks :

1. Go to post Editor

2. While writing a new post, You can see a label called permalink in the right toolbar section.

3. Click on permalink and edit the permalink to optimize it for search engines.

If you don't know, How to optimize permalinks, you should read my blog post on How to optimize permalinks for more traffic.

6. Redirect Broken links

Blogger, by default, comes with a broken link redirector which gives you access to redirect all the broken links easily.

This will make your blogger blog SEO friendly and will improve your blog rankings and will further help in proper indexing of our blogs.

You can redirect broken links with this simple tutorial :

1. Go to settings > search preferences

2. Click on custom redirects.

3. Click on add a new redirect.

4. Paste your broken link URL in the first box.

5. Paste the URL which you want to show instead of the broken link.

5. Sitemap

Credits: Flickr - Under Creative Common License

A sitemap is an XML file which contains the URLs of all your blog posts. Your robots.txt contains the URL of your sitemap file.

When a bot visits your blog, It will check out whether it is allowed or not by robots.txt and then it makes a decision whether to crawl your blog or not.

If your robots.txt allows the bot to crawl your site, it will directly go to the sitemap of your blog and then gets the links of your blog posts and index them, If the blog post has no quality issues.

I am talking about these things Because it is all in a sitemap file. If your blog contains no sitemap file, It would affect the indexing of your blog.

By default, Your blog comes with a sitemap file. So there is no need for extra configuration for your sitemap file. This is one of the Blogspot SEO tips which comes to default and doesn't need any configuration.

7. Alt tags

You can optimize your blog images for search engines by adding an alt tag.

With Blogger, you can add an alt tag to an image easily. All you need to do is click on an image and click on properties. A popup box appears asking you to input an alt tag.

Type a keyword about the images and the alt tag is added to your image. For example, If your image is about " Blogspot Seo tips ". You should input it as the alt tag.


These are the most important Blogspot Seo tips to make blogger blog seo friendly. I already added all the above aspects to my blog and made my blog optimized for search engines like Google.

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