Global Ad Media Review - Scam or Legit, Rates And Earnings

Wanna know more about Global Ad Media?

Is Global Ad Media a scam?

In this Global Ad Media Review, We are going to tell you each and everything about this network and you can decide whether to join this network or not.

What is Global Ad Media?


Global Ad Media is a new ad network which is based on pounder ads. There is nothing to say more, Any ad network which is based on pounder ads pays higher rates first their publishers. They have 100℅ fill rates which increase our earnings more and more.

As it is a new ad network, We have a small doubt whether is this a scam. In this blog post, we are going to conclude that.

Note: I not responsible if you are scammed by this network. This is just a review based on my experience and some other sources. So, If you join this network by reading this review, You should be careful.

Scam or Legit

This is the main thing in this Global Ad Media review.

According to me, you Sybil's have landed on this page to know whether it is a recommended network or not.

Generally, I will never try or believe new ad networks in the industry. Because most of the new ad networks might turn scam and don't pay us. That's why, I only recommend you to try trusted and oldest ad networks like Revenue Hits, Bidvertiser, Adsense etc.

But this is very different from all the other ad networks. Because it isn't a scam.

One of my Friend blogger written the review about this network and he got successfully paid by this network. So no worries

Sign up and approval

  • To get started with this network, you can go this link and fill out all the details and verify the Email and you can easily login to your dashboard.

  • After signing up and logging in to your publisher dashboard, you need to go to the website and click on add new website.

  • Just input your Blog name, URL, and category and click on submit.

  • Then your blog would be automatically approved. This is the very good thing about this network. This is one of the best Auto-approve ad networks in the industry. You can directly get ad tags and place ad tags on the blog to start making money from your blog.

Ad Formats

Global Ad Media is a popunder network. So you can't expect any other ad formats other than popunders.

They pay on CPM ( cost per mile ) basis.


The normal rates of Global Ad Media range from $0.01- $2.

When compared to other pop networks like popads and Popcash, it is low. But, They won't give instant approvals. There are some chances to get rejected by those networks, but there is no chance of getting rejected by Global Ad Media.


The minimum payout of Global Ad Media is $5 and they pay via PayPal and Bank Wire Transfer to their publishers.


This is the Global Ad Media Review for publishers. As a blogger, I won't recommend giving first preference to this network. Even though you got rejected by Adsense, try good Adsense like Chitika, Bidvertiser, Revenue Hits etc.

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