How to Allow Anonymous Comments In Blogger

Google is taking so much care of responsive blogs. Blogs with unresponsive themes are ranking lower because of the new algorithm which is based on responsiveness.

Even though thousands of updates came, Blogger's commenting system is not responsive. But the issue is not with responsiveness. The issue with the commenting system. Because, the visitor who wanna comment on your blog, must have Google account.

Google believes that it will decrease the spammy comments. But some bloggers never think about Spamming, they still want to allow anonymous comments on Blogger. So, today I have written this guide.

allow Anonymous Comments on blogger


  • Anyone can comment on your blog. Which means it is not mandatory to have a google account to the visitor.

  • It will increase the number of comments on your blog. You will see new people come to your blog daily to comment on your blog. More comments mean more visits and more visits means more $$$$.


  • The main minus point of enabling them is spamming. Many people need to build some backlinks on their blog. The best and easy method to build backlinks is using blog commenting. So bloggers will use it. But there are some blogger's who spam blogs for backlinks. They post comments like Thank you, Great, Nice post etc. Because of this, bloggers must check their spam box daily.

How To Allow Anonymous Comments On Blogger Blogs

1. Go to and go to settings.

2. Click on Posts, Comments, and Sharing.

3. In comments section, you can see a subsection called " who can comment on this blog ".

4. Select anyone.

allow Anonymous Comments on blogger

5. Yup! You are done.


With this simple guide, you can enable anonymous comments on your blog.

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