How To Change Permalink Of Published Post In Blogger

Wanna know how to change permalink of published posts in blogger?

Are you in a fear of breaking your old URL which results in 404 errors?

Well, If your answer is yes. You are going to find answers to the two questions listed above.

Permalinks play an important role in judging the ranking of your blog post in search engines like Google.

When you check any guide on the internet about writing SEO optimized content, you will surely find permalinks as one of the main aspects.

So, you should understand " How important it is to optimize Permalink of a blog post ".

We have already covered a detailed guide on How to optimize permalinks of a blog post, you can read that for the better understanding of permalinks.

In this blog post, we will see a simple but effective guide to changing permalinks of published posts in Blogger.

What is a Permalink?

A Permalink is the URL of the blog post.

I am not willing to write so much about this one as each and every blogger has an idea of what are permalinks.

How To Change Permalinks Of Published Posts In Blogspot

1. Go to and sign in to your Google account

2. Select to your desired blog.

3. Select a blog post, which you want to edit the Permalink.

4. After deciding which post to edit, click on view and copy the URL and paste it into notepad ( We will need this later ).

5. Click on edit and revert the blog post to draft.


6. Now click on permalinks and click custom permalink, Type your new URL ( Never use Underscores in URLs ).

7. Click on Update.

8. Hurrah, you have changed the Permalink of your published post.

But wait, Now go to the old URL ( which you have copied in step 4).

After going to the old URL, you should see a 404 error ( Not found error ).

If a visitor visits your old URL, Then he will get a 404 error which irritates them.

Not only a visitor, Search engine bots like Googlebot never like 404 errors. 404 errors can affect your blog rankings on Google.

So, you should redirect the old URL to the new URL for avoiding ranking effects.

Redirect the old URL to new URL.

1. Go to settings > Search preferences.


2. Click on custom redirects > Edit.


3. Click add new redirect.

4. Input your old blog post URL ( without your domain ) in the first box.

For example, if your URL is:



5. In the second box, input your new URL ( Same as the above method, remove domain from the URL ).


6. Select the permanent checkbox. A permanent redirect gives 301 code to search bots which helps you not to lose rankings on Google.

7. Click on save.

Now, visit your old blog post URL, you will see that it will redirect to the new URL.

Why changing permalinks?

At first, no one cares Permalink as they won't seem to be an important aspect of On-page SEO.

But when they start learning Seo in famous blogs like Shoutmeloud, they will understand that permalinks are also an important aspect.

But, why it is important to change or edit Permalink:

You are might using underscore's in your URL's:

Permalinks shouldn't contain underscores " _ ". Actually, To add spaces in URL, it is better to use a Dash ( " - " ).

Your URLs might be longer:

The URLs of blog posts shouldn't be long. The smaller it is, the better it ranks on search engines

Your URLs might have stop words:

Search engines like Google will skip some words from the Permalinks, those are called stop words.

It is better to remove those stop words from permalinks.

Some of the examples of stop words are A, an, the, on, of etc

But, No CMS offers editing Permalinks after publishing the post. So they will start searching for ' How to change permalinks of published posts in Blogger ' and lands on blog posts like this one.


This is our guide to changing Permalinks of already published posts.

I think it might help you to improve your website rankings on Google.

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