How to Index New Post Quickly In Google In 1 Minute

Crawling and indexing are the important sections in blogging. Without being crawled by major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, All your quality content cannot be found anywhere other than you.

Imagine the world of blogging, without getting indexed by Google. So we must monitor our blog's indexing. If your blog is not getting indexed properly, you will have to face problems in future.

In this post, I am going to share a simple trick to get your post indexed quickly in 1 minute by google.

Why Do We Need to Index Our Site Manually?

Google takes some time approx. 24-48 hours to index your new post. If you are writing a tutorial about something, you can easily wait for sometime to get indexed by Google.

Buf if your blog is a real-time update or News blog, you must take care of getting indexed.

For example, you got a news about Google's new Algorithm and written about on your blog. All your competitors also wrote about in their blogs. After an hour his blog got indexed and he got so many page views and making good money with Google Adsense. But what about you, No traffic and No money for you.

To get your new post indexed quickly in Google in 1 minute, follow this guide.

How to Index New Post Quickly In Google In 1 Minute

1. Go to Google search console. You must have verified your blog with Search console to use this trick. Otherwise, learn how to add and verify a blog with Google Search Console.

2. Select your blog and go to Google Crawl.

3. Select the Fetch As Google tool in the list.

index new post quickly in Google in 1 minute

4. Input the URL of your post without your blog URL. For example, the URL of the post is Then you will have to add example-trick-to-use.html.

5. Then click on Fetch.

index new post quickly in Google in 1 minute

6. Click on request indexing.

index new post quickly in Google in 1 minute

7. Then complete the small challenge and click Go again.

index new post quickly in Google in 1 minute

Using this simple trick, you can index your new post within 1 min of clicking fetch.

So what happened? 

After you click fetch, The GoogleBot ( crawling bot for Google ) receives the message to crawl your site. GoogleBot visits your site and indexes your post if it has no SEO violations.

If your post isn't crawled within 30-60 min of time. Recheck the post, Seo setting etc. Make sure that your blog and post allowing GoogleBot to crawl and index properly.

How to Get Properly Indexed By Google (some well-known tips )

1. Update your site regularly with content.

GoogleBot visits many blogs including you daily. If GoogleBot found that your blog is not getting updated, It will stop visiting you and put your blog down in search results. So write new posts daily. If you don't get any ideas, just update the old articles to get whitelisted by GoogleBot.

Build some backlinks

Building backlinks improve the SEO of your blog. Backlinks are essential for proper indexing of your blog. While bots visiting a blog, and the blog connects to your blog ( by link building ), GoogleBots visit your blog and you will get indexed by the search engines.


This is a simple trick to index your blog. This is a trick to get your new post indexed in 1 minutes by Google. Which trick do you use to get indexed? Please share with our community.

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