How to Show Post Title Before Blog Title In Blogger

I love to write about search engine optimization on this blog. Because it is the main part ( not only a part, it is the main one) In a blog.

Our blog gets 60% of traffic from search engines because of seo. So seo is very important in developing a blog. So bloggers must optimize their blog.

But this post won't cover all seo topics. This is about " How to show post title before blog title in blogger blog".


Before moving ahead to the article, we must learn more and more. Because it is a detailed post.

Why Show Post Title First

We all know that blogspot is less seo friendly when compared to the world's leading blogging platform WordPress.

WordPress has more seo tweaks and it has plugins which help in doing more seo optimization of a blog post. But blogger doesn't have those plugins. So we must do all tasks manually.

At the same time, titles play a great role in blogging. For example, we wrote two blog post title for proving titles role in search engine optimization and getting more clicks

  • 1. Blogger how-to guide: show post title first

  • 2. How to show post title before blog title

So you can see that the second one is very good and it is engaging for the visitor to click on it. In the 100 percent, title 1 can get 30% visitors only whereas the second one gets remaining 70% of visitors. So the second one can get more traffic. More traffic means more money.

Hey, hold on! , Do you know how to make money from a blog. Use best ad network Google Adsense. So let's see how to show post title first in blogger.

How To Show Post Title Before Blog Title In Blogger Blogs

1. Go to

2. Then go to the template.

3. For safety, we recommend backing up your blog template. Because if anything goes wrong, we can easily restore it. This guide won't do any harm to your blog. But I believe in safety first.

4. Then search this piece of html code:


5. Then replace the above code with the below one:

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType =="item"'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title><b:else/>
<title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> </b:if>

So what happened:

Before adding the second code, your blog title displayed first and then your post title is displayed. This gives very bad experience for your visitors.

By using the second code, our blog title goes last and our blog post title is displayed first. So in this way, we can easily optimize our blog for search engines.

Wrapping It Up

In this way, we can show post title first in blogger. This is the good way to get some good SERP ranking. This is one of the technique in on page seo optimization.
 So better start using it. 

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