How to Write Perfect SEO Optimized Articles In Blogger

Blogging is not only a way to learn new things, it is also a very good way to reach new visitors. We can get traffic from the search engines, social media and from the other blogs.

Search engines are the best source to get traffic. But if you want to rank higher in search engines, you must write SEO optimized articles. But not only optimize pots for search engines, Concentrate on visitors.  Now it is the time to learn how to write SEO friendly contents in blogger.


How To Write SEO Optimized Contents In Blogspot

Keyword Research


Keyword research is the task which is very important and the starting point in the writing SEO optimized content. Every blogger must do some keyword research. it also takes more time to find a highly optimized long tail keyword.

There are many keyword research tools on the internet to help you. Even google also provided a free keyword planner to get highly optimized and profitable keywords. It is really designed for advertisers in AdWords. But a blogger can also use this for SEO purposes. Otherwise, you can use semrush too. Keyword research is the main task to write SEO optimized articles in blogger.

Meta Description


This is a very necessary task to write SEO optimized content. meta description is a description which search engines display. you must optimize it for both visitors and search engines.

You must write a meta description for your post and remember to include the keyword in meta description to improve SEO. Don't use only your targeted keyword only use some more keywords related to your targeted keyword in the meta description, it will improve the chances to display your post in 1st page of Google for multiple keywords. meta descriptions also improve CTR ( click through rate ).

If you don't write meta descriptions, you are missing something. So write meta descriptions to make your post SEO optimized.

Keyword Density

This is a very important task to rank higher in google. for example, I selected " write SEO optimized content" in keyword research and you can see I repeated the keyword sometimes. If you repeat the keyword many times, your techniques will be converted into black hat SEO and search engines may spam you. It is best to avoid keyword stuffing in your blog.

You must maintain a keyword density below 2% to write SEO optimized content in blogger. Remember to add a keyword to the first paragraph of your post. Keyword density is also the main task of writing SEO optimized articles.

Put Your Main Keywords In:

1. First paragraph of the post under 100-150 words.

2. Post Title

3. Post Permalink

4. Meta Description

5. Last Paragraph

H2 or H3 tags

I think H2 and H3 tags are not so important in SEO. But many bloggers argue that h2 and h3 tags are very important in SEO. To write SEO optimized articles, you must use the keyword as an h2 or h3 tag.

Note: don't ever use the h1 tag, because the title of your post is the h1 tag. So don't use h1 tags. Instead, use h2 and h3 tags to write content which is optimized for search engines.


Interlinking of your posts makes it useful for visitors and search engines. If you interlink a post to another post, it is easy to navigate your site. it also improves SEO of a blog. But over optimization of interlinking will affect SEO. Because over optimization of interlinking is a black hat SEO.

Search engines recrawl old post if you interlink. For example: if you interlinked post A to post B, post-A is new and post B is old. When search engines crawl your site to index your new post, it also visits old post because it is interlinked. so the interlinks is necessary to improve SEO blog and to write SEO optimized content


To optimize a post for search engines. You must write the post above 800 words. even we write posts above 800 words here. We must write lengthy articles to improve SEO. It is must follow task to write SEO optimized content in blogger.



In Blogger, you have the option to edit permalink.

but why you need to edit permalinks?

There are some words called stop words which will affect SEO of your blog. These not decrease SEO, but decrease the ranking position in search engines. It is necessary to remove such words in the URL of your post to optimize permalinks in blogger. Here is a list of stop words.

Optimize Images

Image Optimization is very necessary because search engine bots cannot read images. We have to tell them about images. And if you will optimize images it will rank higher in Google images. Below I have given some steps to optimize images.

1. Compress Image

Compressing image will reduce the size of the image. You can use online compressor tools like Tinypng or Tinyjpg.

2. Rename Images

Rename your blog images before uploading them.

3. Add Alt, Title Tag

Add alt and title tag to your images to optimize it. Simply you can click on the image then properties, there you can add title and alt tag.

Wrapping It Up

The above techniques are the best to write SEO optimized content in blogger and the above things are followed by us.

You will have to concentrate on on-page SEO to write SEO optimized content. I hope you liked the article.

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