Image Optimization 101: Rank Higher In Google Images

While composing a blog post, we should lean toward including pictures. However, why?

Pictures help us to understand the article more. It helps us in clarifying step-by-step tutorials which are written by numerous bloggers including me.

In the meantime, Pictures helps the visitor to engage with our blog post and by including pictures, we can build client engagement which helps us to enhance our blog quality.

Images are the best one to enhance our blog. That is the main reason to include pictures on our blog. At the same time, Bloggers must focus on image optimization 101 to get higher ranking in Google images.


Image Optimization 101: Rank Higher In Google Images

1. Alt tags

Alt tags assume a key part in positioning a picture on the first page of Google images. Really, My niche ( Category ) is not focused on images by any means. However, in the event that your blog is a gallery or pics of Something, you should do image optimization 101 to get higher rankings in Google images. Since individuals never click on blogs for pictures, instead they will look at Google images and download in the event that he/she enjoys it. So you should optimize images

What is an Alt tag?

An alt tag is an HTML tag which tells search engines, What the image is. Google and other search engines never watch images. They aren't humans, They are bots. Bots only check out content, they never check-in images. That is the reason to inform search engines about your image.

To inform, we will include an alt tag, which assumes an essential part of image optimization in SEO. So to add an alt tag, here is a little guide

In blogger :

Go to blogger and click on edit a post.

2. Click on the picture in which you wanna include an alt tag.

3. Click on properties.


4. Write an alt tag. For example, if you are adding an image about alt tags, Sort in it as alt labels. And whatever a visitor lookout for pictures about Alt labels, May your picture show up as per your on and Off page Website optimization on the list.

In Wordpress :

Simply add a plugin called Seo friendly Images and before uploading the image, Rename it and You are finished. No additional optimization is required.

2. Name of the image

Yes, The name of images matter as well. It is not possible in Blogger, Since every to, we include in our blogger blog posts aren't hosted on our blog. Instead, they will be hosted on Picasa ( A Google product ). That is the reason, Every one of the names of your pictures would be like :


It is not optimized, but we don't have an alternative to optimize it.

But, Wordpress clients can do this without any stress. You should simply, before uploading the picture, rename it. For instance, in the event that you are including a picture about Image Optimization in Seo, Name it like that and upload the picture.

Wordpress clients can even include an alt tag consequently by renaming pictures.

3. Picture size

Page load time is a now an official positioning factor of Google. To rank higher in Google, Bloggers must deal with website speed by optimizing a few things like Gadgets, Promotions, and Javascript and so on.

In any case, why this thing listed in this post?

Since Pictures can easily increase page size which will increase page load time and can undoubtedly Drop your rankings in search engines. Even though, you optimize blog post with keyword placement, You will never rank higher. So to decrease blog load time, We should take care of Image Optimization 101.

How to optimize Pictures for Speed?

Image compression is a great strategy to drop down the size of an image without influencing the quality of the photo. To compress images, We should use a few tools :

For blogger: There are no tools and plugins for Blogger. So you should compress pictures by using an image compressing tool which can be effortlessly found by typing a query like compress images in Google.

One of the best image compression tool is tinypng which can easily reduce the size of pictures.

All you have to do is select the picture and select pixels or Select picture size which includes Little, Medium and so on. At that point click on optimize, download the optimized picture and upload it to your blog post.

For Wordpress: You can take the assistance of plugins like, ShortPixels and so on. will enhance pictures automatically while they are getting uploaded to your blog.


These are some techniques For Image optimization 101 to rank higher in Google images.

With these tricks and techniques, You can take your blog images to next level by ranking them higher in Google Images. For more things Related to Seo, Subscribe to us.

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