Poptm Review: Scam or Legit, CPM Rate And Payment Proof

Popunders are the best alternatives to Adsense. There are many bloggers who use popunders, even though they got an Adsense approval. Why because Popunders pay very higher and some of them like Popads and Popcash offers guaranteed minimum rates like $1 for their friendly publishers ( Just joking all publishers are friendly to them).

So, today we are here with a new popunder ad network called Poptm. This Poptm review only is for publishers. If you are an advertiser, Visit another blog ( Hey I am too straightforward).

What is Poptm?

poptm review

Poptm is an Indian based ad network. They are completely unique and different in everything. Their unique design attracts all publishers and advertisers to join them. But these are not the best things about Poptm. They are very good at blocking the ad blockers.

Can't get it?

Yes. They are specialized at blocking the ad blockers.

Ad blockers are the main revenue effectors, which decrease the earnings of bloggers. But with Poptm, 90% of ad blocks will be bypassed. And this will increase your revenue by 30%. Hey, they officially said it louder. So let's see Poptm review.

Poptm Review: Scam or Legit, CPM Rates And Payment Proof

Scam or Legit

Hey guys, a small confusion here. Don't get me wrong. This is not a scam popunder ad network. But some people are making some rumors. But I don't think so. No one likes to create rumors.

But according to me, this is a paying ad network. And they have already paid many dollars for their publishers. So, no need to worry about payments. They will pay you. This is the main part of Poptm Review because many publishers want to check out that they are not being fooled by the network they are signing up for.

Sign up and Approval

Getting Adsense approval for Google Adsense is very hard. But getting approval for Poptm is very easy.

All you need to do is visiting their website and sign up using the registration form. After that, you are able to login to your account. Then add a website and to get approval, you need to add a piece of code ( Meta tag ) in the Head section of your template and PopTm review your blog and approve it. So Poptm is very good CPM ad network for small publishers.

Ad Formats

This is a pop ad network. All it can provide are CPM ads which are popunders. Here are some ad formats provided by Poptm

Normal PopUnders: These are normal pop-unders. They open in a new window and even though the visitor closes it, it will be counted as an impression.

Ad blocking ads: These are also Popunders. But they are special. Generally, many ad networks fail to bypass the Ad blockers. But Poptm ads will bypass ad blockers and you will get revenue even the visitor using an Ad-blocker plugin. This makes this PopTm review even more effective because it is their specialty


This is not a CPC ad network, so don't expect anything for clicks. There are no clicks at all. All are impressions. But the CPM rates of Poptm are very good. They pay an average CPM of $0.5 - $5 sometimes. Think once, $6 for 1000 visitors. If you get 5000 visits per month, you can make $30 per month. The rates are very good and outstanding for small publishers and new blog owners.


The minimum payout of Poptm is $10 and it is very easy to draw your first payment to your PayPal account. If you don't have a PayPal account, They still offer Bank Wire transfers too. Receive your payments through bank transfer.

Payment Proof

Payment Proof - Here


This is the poptm review for publishers. If you are an advertiser, surf another site like monetizepros. They write for advertisers too.

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