Chitika Review - Scam or Legit, Rates, Payment Proof


CPC ad networks are one of the best ways to make money blogging. In blogging, not only content writing is the thing, there are many other factors that decide whether you are a real passionate blogger like Gold or one of the worthless compound like a piece of metal.

Monetizing a blog is always difficult. If there are only one or three methods to monetize, it would be easy for bloggers to decide where to go or which one to work. But there are many ways to monetize a blog.

So, finding the best method which suits your blog is very tough. But the best monetizing method of all is CPC advertising. Because there are many categories of ads in CPC networks and according to keywords, you will get related ads and make more money from your blog. Today we are going to write the Chitika Review. And tell you more things about this CPC network

What is Chitika?


Chitika is a CPC ad network founded in 2003. It is the fastest growing ad network and it is like Adsense for small publishers. And it is the best Adsense alternative. We cannot compare this with the giant Adsense. But it is very good and there are many things which I love about this network. I am going to share all the things about this network in this Chitika review.

Scam or Legit

There is no doubt in answering this question because Chitika is one of the best ad networks.

There are many other payment proofs over the internet. I am not the one who strongly recommend you to join it because I just started using Chitika in this blog before 1 week. So I can't tell you that it is legit. But according to many other bloggers and some of my friends, it is a legit and paying ad network.

And it will never turn into a scam because of its popularity. There is no need of being worried about your payments because they are all safe with Chitika. This Chitika review only tells you one thing " Chitika is legit.

Sign up And approval

This is a straightforward network which doesn't have any terms or needs any minimum traffic. Many networks like BuysellAds, Revcontent are very strict in approving blogs. Whereas Chitika is quite opposite to all others.

To join and start using it. Signup and add your blog. But this is the part which I don't like because for me the approval took more than a month. Because Chitika gets many submissions throughout the day and Chitika review all the blogs manually and approve them. But getting approval is so easy. Write unique content and it's done. You will surely get approval.

But Warez, Adult, Torrents, PTP and illegal sites are not allowed to join Chitika.

They will surely reject those blogs. If your blog is not about the above categories, you can easily get an approval. But keep in mind that Chitika reviews all blogs before approving them.

Ads quality

Many users complain about the quality of ads of the Chitika. Because they are not attractive. No one loves to click on an ad which has a green background and underlines.

I've asked many bloggers in the blogosphere and all of them say that they are not satisfied with the ads quality. But according to my opinion, the ads are just fine. They are not rich like Adsense nor worst like clicksor. The ads are just normal. But Chitika updated their ad codes. And according to them, the ads load faster than normal.


I've got a mail called Chitika is now partnered with Google DoubleClick. All I was able to see our rates. They said that you will receive a good rate.

As they were partnered with Google DFP, the ads quality and rates will improve  But don't forgot that Chitika is a CPC network and that means you will not get paid for views. You will get paid when someone clicks on the ads. But don't expect a huge CPC like $1-$ 10. All the pay is $0.01 - $1 per click and all your earnings depend on the membership.

Chitika has three levels. If you are a gold member, you will get access to high paying ads. Anyway, the rates are also just fine. I am not satisfied with their rates, but let's see, any impact after associating with DoubleClick


The minimum payout of Chitika is $10 and they pay via PayPal. They also pay via cheque and bank transfer too. But don't forget that the minimum payout is different for each method. The minimum payout is more to bank transfer. Whereas it is just 10 dollars for PayPal.

Payment Proof

Payment Proof

Our Chitika FAQs

1. Is this a good ad network?

A. Yes

2. Can i excpect rates equal to Adsense ?

A. Maybe No. Chitika is not able to become a competitor of Adsense until they change their ads style.

3. What is the minimum payout?

A. $10 via PayPal

4. Are there any bloggers using Chitika?

A. Chitika is a very good ad network for small publishers. Many small publishers were using it to monetize their blogs. The Alexa rank of Chitika helps us in finding the popularity of it.

5. How do I get my ad code?

A. Right from the dashboard, Chitika offers a script generator which helps you in selecting an ad banner size and click on get code. You will get your ad code.

6. How to add Chitika ad code to my blogger blog?

A. To add Chitika, you need the ad code. After getting ad code, go to blogger and click on layout. Then select the position and click on add a gadget. Select HTML/Javascript gadget and paste the code. You are done.

These are the FAQ in Chitika review and I am sure that you got a conclusion on Joining this network or not.


This is the Chitika review for publishers. And if you have any experience with Chitika share it with us by commenting and make our blog a good resource. And don't forget to share it in your Twitter and Google and let your friends know about Chitika.

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