Popcash Review: Scam or Legit, Earnings, CPM Rates, Payment Proof

Want to know that Popcash is a scam or legit?

Wanna check out rates, Payments of Popcash?

Wanna a popcash review?

If yes, you are going to find some answers for all of your questions about Popcash in this detailed and unbiased Popcash review.


Here at Shouters Planet, I used Popads.net to monetize my blog. That's why I wrote a detailed review on Popads.net.

After Popads.net, I fell in love with the method of using Pop ad networks for monetizing my blog. That's why, I started searching, about some best pop ad networks and finally I found one. It is none other than Popcash.

According to me, it is the serious rival of Popads.net. That's why I wanna give it a try and I am totally satisfied. In this Popcash review, I am gonna check out many things and finally give you a small conclusion too.

What is Popcash?


Popcash is a Pop ad network which was founded a long ago in 2001. Popcash is popular and famous for its premium quality ads and rates. Right from the beginning, they did extremely well. And I think they are enough stronger to compete with Popads.net.

As a blogger, I will recommend you to go on with pop advertising only, if you have a download blog. It pays extremely well for download sites. All you need to do is add the ad code and make money.

Scam Or Legit

Popcash is not a scam network. Even though there are many internet marketers who complain about Popcash scam, I think they are legit and genuine. You can easily go on with them without any fear in mind of losing your money.

Signup and Approval

To get an approval, there are no minimum requirements. Anyone can join Popcash, all they need is an own blog. Because you must have the rights to edit the template to add the ad code. Go to Popcash and click on signup. Fill out all the details and you are done.

Ads quality

There is no doubt in saying that Popcash is also one of the premium pop ad network. All the ads pop in your blog are safe. They contain no malware or malicious scripts. Because Popcash never approves campaigns with spam and virus.

This is going to be an important part of this Popcash review, as you must check out the quality of ads while going to try out a new Popad network.

Payments and rates

Popcash is really one of the high paying CPM ad networks and I bet, that they never provide a CPM of less than $0.50 ( Based on my experience ). The rates may come as low as $0.50 and as high as $6 which is a very good CPM rate in the industry.

Popcash has a very low minimum payout of $10 and can be reached easily if you have a blog which attracts thousands of visitors every day. They use NET 1 payment methods, which means you can request a payout every day ( once a day ) and they pay via Paypal.

Payment Proof

Payment Proof


This is a very small conclusion about Popcash based on the above Popcash review and my personal experience.

Popcash is really a good ad network to go with. If you really wish to add POP ads to your blog, first try out Popads.net and sometimes they may pay lesser rates. Then you can start using Popcash. First, give preference to Popads.net and then Popcash.

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