How To Register Blog To Yahoo dan Bing Fast Index

How To Register Blog To Yahoo dan Bing Fast Index
Yahoo and Bing are the biggest search engines besides Google. In order for our blog traffic to continue to rise we must register at least 3 of the biggest search engines at the moment, namely Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

By registering a blog to Bing, Yahoo Search Engine will also automatically index our blog, because now Yahoo is enough to do in Bing Webmaster Tools. If your blog is not registered in Bing and Yahoo, refer to it and follow the steps below:

1. Visit the site
2. Click ' Sign In ', if you do not have a live Windows account should register first by clicking ' Sign up with Microsoft account '.

3. Enter the blog URL address on the Add a Site, then click on ' ADD '. 

4. Then the registration form will appear, please fill in the complete data.
5. After that on the Sitemap fill, click on ' Save '.
Example :

6. Next the Verification page appears, select ' Option 2: Copy and paste a <meta> tag in your default webpage '.

7. Place the code like the picture above exactly below the code<head>On the template.
8. After adding the code back to Bing page and click ' VERIFY '.

Well, thus your blog is already listed on Yahoo and Bing search engines. But wait a few weeks or months your blog will be indexed on the search engine page.</head>

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