10 Possible Things You Don't Know About Plagiarism

10 Possible Things You Don't Know About Plagiarism

Plagiarism About - You have probably heard a lot about high school and university plagiarism and you have already created quite a few bibliographies. Yet these 10 facts might surprise you. Have a reading and put your knowledge of this sticky topic to the test!

Worried about being caught for accidental plagiarism? Try the Citation Machine Plus plagiarism tool. It will be helpful to find the text to quote, then show you the source of the text to easily create a quote.

"Common knowledge" and "your knowledge" should not match
Just looking for something does not automatically mean you have to quote it. The majority reigns knowingly. If you asked ten people for the name of the first astronaut to walk on the moon and if eight answers were given, you could say without fear that the fact is public knowledge and not know it.

Ideas also need quotes
Many students fall into the trap of assuming that only direct quotes should be cited. In fact, you should also give credit to the original source of the ideas you use or mention - unless it is something universally known and understood that could be considered common knowledge. For example, Einstein's theory of relativity.

Paraphrase is not a free pass
We hate to be bad news, but rearranging the wording of a quote or idea does not prevent you from having to cite the source. And speakers can usually easily detect this thing, so do not be tempted to try!

It is possible to plagiarize
Yes, even if you use your own work can be qualified as plagiarism if you do not refer to it. If you use the same idea twice, you must inform your guardian by quoting yourself and the work in question.

Plagiarism can even catch up with a Vice President
Allegations of plagiarism at the law school resulted in 47th Vice President Joe Biden withdrawing his candidacy for the presidency in 1988 (Dionne Jr). Proof that plagiarism can catch up with even the most powerful and influential people in the country!

Colleges offer integrity courses to fight against plagiarism
The University College of San Diego has an office dedicated to academic integrity. Its mission is to eliminate plagiarism and cheating and to improve ethical decision-making and integrity (academic integrity). This includes organizing events and courses on integrity, as well as providing personalized advice to students and staff.

Plagiarism has a profit
Although this is completely banned by colleges and universities and even copyright, many online agencies are happy to be able to take advantage of selling pre-written essays to students. As easy as downloading a completed document may seem, the potential serious consequences should discourage you.

Tutors can say
If you think you can go unnoticed by a plagiarized work in front of your guardian, think again. Most tutors are pretty good at detecting a change in writing style or the usual academic abilities of their students. Otherwise, colleges can use anti-plagiarism detection software to verify that all the work belongs to them.

This does not affect only students
Copyright law applies to everyone, so it's not just students who have to worry about plagiarism. In fact, the penalties for professionals who release plagiarized work in the public domain can be much more frightening, the ensuing lawsuits often amounting to millions of dollars! Many famous names have been accused (but not convicted) of plagiarism, including Justin Bieber, J.R.R Tolkien and Helen Keller (Van Jaarsveld).

Online tools make it easy to quote
The good news is that it is not difficult to avoid plagiarism. Just keep a good record of the sources you use and CitationMachine.com can help you do the rest. Simply choose between the Chicago style format, the APA or MLA quote format (and many more) to simplify complete citations, quotes in parentheses, lists of cited works, footnotes and bibliographies annotated.

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Now that you have quotes down, let's talk about writing. The Citation Machine Grammar Guides provide readers with a solid foundation on transitive and intransitive verbs, demonstrative adjectives, plural nouns, determinants, and other parts of speech.

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